Friday, July 11, 2014

Playtex® Sport® Fresh Balance™ Tampons Review


Girly's Weapons 2014 Edition... Oh Yeah!

Woowww I haven't been on my own blog since 2012 O.O
I'm so sorry to everyone who followed my blog and did a disappearing act on you for almost two years. 
But I'm here again and let's see if I can keep this blogging thing going heehee~!
Now let's get onto the main course shall we?

I received these in my Spring Vox Box 2014. And as my pervious post I'm still not the biggest fan of tampons but I do actually use them when I have a busy day ahead that I need some good coverage.

I actually liked how comfortable these were and how it was easy to move without feeling like something is poking me down there.
And since it is summer time and girls don't deny but this time of the year can be the worse for us. Since we can become hot and sweaty icky messes that is added to our period. Well girls sorry to say but you don't smell good and I can smell that period on you. 
But lucky these beautiful thing actual helps protect you from the funk of the monthly friend.
It has a scent that gives off that makes you feel refreshed and you become confident knowing you don't need to take 5 showers a day during summer time period.

I also liked that I can play with my Puppy Prince (which I got him last year so he is just a couple months over a year old now. If anyone wants picture of him comment down below he is a CUTIE PIE~!).
He loves the outside world and playing catch and also chase me. Which actually means chasing him so we can go back home from the dog park -.-
I can spend a good time with my puppy and know I won't need to spoil his fun by just sitting somewhere worrying I leaked or fulling something bulky and slowing me down.

So All In All~ I love these tampons. They give me the freedom I want and makes me feel I can take the world without worries of my period.
Give them a try and tell me what do you all think about them~!

안녕 친구~!

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