Friday, July 11, 2014

Kiss everlasting French Manicure Review


Some Fancy Nails~

Awhile go I was that girl who was obsess over have perfect long nails even if I had to wear fake nails and pay a fortune for them. Now no thanks I like my short nails it is easier to paint and bake with them short. 

But even still once in awhile I want to have some long nails if I'm going somewhere all dress up. I never really tried french tips nails. I liked to have colorful and designed nails. So trying these were something new to me all together.

First I took everything out of the packaging and tried to see which size would fit my nails. 

And I did find the perfect sizes for my nails. What I thought was kinda different was that they had a beige tone to this in the natural part. Which I didn't like to much since I would liked much better if they were more pink tone.

OK now you are asking why is there clear nail polish here?

It's simple I didn't want to keep these nails one for a whole week just for a day/night out. Now the reason clear nail polish is here because you can use it to attach fake nails to your nails as if you were to attach false eyelashes to you eyelashes.
I actually learn this type from a drag queen. She taught me that the strength are strong enough to last threw a days activities but would come easy off at night before you go to bed.

All you do is simply paint a good layer of clear nail polish and wait 10 to 20 second so it can get tacky like eyelashes. After the wait time is over place false nail onto nails and press down. Now hold it for 30 seconds and make sure you are pressing the whole nail down. After the 30 seconds you can let go and enjoy your day with 1-day use of your false nails.

Cool tip right?

So here is how my nails look after putting mine on~

After putting them on they look really good and ready for summer time. But I think I'm just go to paint my and design them with comic book strips to make them more me. But they are really comfortable and weren't that long which would be good for beginners. 
All in all I liked them and I plan to wear them more on 1-day usages in the future.... after I redo them heehee ^w^

Do any of you wear false nails~?

안녕 친구~!

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