Monday, September 3, 2012

Make-Up Perfect To Go To Disney

Countless times have I seen a girl wearing full on make-up with foundation to club-ready eye shadow at Disney in 90* plus weather.
I understand they want to feel pretty. 
All girls do BUT they look like a drown raccoon -.-
Now I will admit I have been one of those girls at one point.
Going to Disney with a full eye look,
Thinking I looked so great and fab~
Then the sweat kicks in plus riding Splash Mountain equals mass meltdown.

I have an annual pass to Disney and what I realized,
Also wished other girls realized too...
Disney is not a place to impress but to have fun and make memories with your family.
But if you still want to wear make-up there is only 3 major things you will ever need.

Yup that's it.
Very simple right?

Truly this will be all you need.
 Nothing will drip or run down when get hit by a big splash of water.
It really truly won't streak down since I have tested this 3 times on Splash Mountain yesterday...
WHAT~ It was really hot yesterday and the Zippy Do Da song is very catchy~

It will stay from opening of the park at 9AM to when you get back to your hotel room or in my case back home.
You won't be needing to do touch ups at all.
Just enjoy your day and hang with you favorite Disney character.

Disney is to spend time with your families and have no worries.
Bring out your own inner Peter Pan or dance with your favorite Princess.

I hope Chingus you enjoy my advice~

Before I finish I shall leave you with some cute pictures I took yesterday~ Enjoy Chingus~!

(They already have Halloween decorations up)