Friday, July 11, 2014

Kiss everlasting French Manicure Review


Some Fancy Nails~

Awhile go I was that girl who was obsess over have perfect long nails even if I had to wear fake nails and pay a fortune for them. Now no thanks I like my short nails it is easier to paint and bake with them short. 

But even still once in awhile I want to have some long nails if I'm going somewhere all dress up. I never really tried french tips nails. I liked to have colorful and designed nails. So trying these were something new to me all together.

First I took everything out of the packaging and tried to see which size would fit my nails. 

And I did find the perfect sizes for my nails. What I thought was kinda different was that they had a beige tone to this in the natural part. Which I didn't like to much since I would liked much better if they were more pink tone.

OK now you are asking why is there clear nail polish here?

It's simple I didn't want to keep these nails one for a whole week just for a day/night out. Now the reason clear nail polish is here because you can use it to attach fake nails to your nails as if you were to attach false eyelashes to you eyelashes.
I actually learn this type from a drag queen. She taught me that the strength are strong enough to last threw a days activities but would come easy off at night before you go to bed.

All you do is simply paint a good layer of clear nail polish and wait 10 to 20 second so it can get tacky like eyelashes. After the wait time is over place false nail onto nails and press down. Now hold it for 30 seconds and make sure you are pressing the whole nail down. After the 30 seconds you can let go and enjoy your day with 1-day use of your false nails.

Cool tip right?

So here is how my nails look after putting mine on~

After putting them on they look really good and ready for summer time. But I think I'm just go to paint my and design them with comic book strips to make them more me. But they are really comfortable and weren't that long which would be good for beginners. 
All in all I liked them and I plan to wear them more on 1-day usages in the future.... after I redo them heehee ^w^

Do any of you wear false nails~?

안녕 친구~!

Playtex® Sport® Fresh Balance™ Tampons Review


Girly's Weapons 2014 Edition... Oh Yeah!

Woowww I haven't been on my own blog since 2012 O.O
I'm so sorry to everyone who followed my blog and did a disappearing act on you for almost two years. 
But I'm here again and let's see if I can keep this blogging thing going heehee~!
Now let's get onto the main course shall we?

I received these in my Spring Vox Box 2014. And as my pervious post I'm still not the biggest fan of tampons but I do actually use them when I have a busy day ahead that I need some good coverage.

I actually liked how comfortable these were and how it was easy to move without feeling like something is poking me down there.
And since it is summer time and girls don't deny but this time of the year can be the worse for us. Since we can become hot and sweaty icky messes that is added to our period. Well girls sorry to say but you don't smell good and I can smell that period on you. 
But lucky these beautiful thing actual helps protect you from the funk of the monthly friend.
It has a scent that gives off that makes you feel refreshed and you become confident knowing you don't need to take 5 showers a day during summer time period.

I also liked that I can play with my Puppy Prince (which I got him last year so he is just a couple months over a year old now. If anyone wants picture of him comment down below he is a CUTIE PIE~!).
He loves the outside world and playing catch and also chase me. Which actually means chasing him so we can go back home from the dog park -.-
I can spend a good time with my puppy and know I won't need to spoil his fun by just sitting somewhere worrying I leaked or fulling something bulky and slowing me down.

So All In All~ I love these tampons. They give me the freedom I want and makes me feel I can take the world without worries of my period.
Give them a try and tell me what do you all think about them~!

안녕 친구~!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

G-Dragon "One Of A Kind" Inspired Look

Big Bang is truly my all time favorite group. I just love them~!
Even though it's been awhile since this song came out from G-Dragon, but I still think it's amazing MV. I love when he played with the bear he looked so cute~ <3~!

Now who doesn't want to be that barbie doll?
Never thought I be jealous of a doll >.>

But you can really tell this MV was a lot of fun to film and GD & Taeyang are really close to one another~.

To show my love for this video I wanted to do an make-up look. I was originally thinking of doing GD's make-up in the MV but I'm sure there will be hundreds of those on here. So I did what I do best~ Make it loud and out there kind of look. 
Hope you liked because I sure did~

(I Made That Hat Myself)

Did you like it?
Would any of you rock this out?
I already have ideas for BTOB "Wow" MV and also a TVXQ "Catch Me" but that one is a full masked look. 

Gongju Kimmy

Monday, September 3, 2012

Make-Up Perfect To Go To Disney

Countless times have I seen a girl wearing full on make-up with foundation to club-ready eye shadow at Disney in 90* plus weather.
I understand they want to feel pretty. 
All girls do BUT they look like a drown raccoon -.-
Now I will admit I have been one of those girls at one point.
Going to Disney with a full eye look,
Thinking I looked so great and fab~
Then the sweat kicks in plus riding Splash Mountain equals mass meltdown.

I have an annual pass to Disney and what I realized,
Also wished other girls realized too...
Disney is not a place to impress but to have fun and make memories with your family.
But if you still want to wear make-up there is only 3 major things you will ever need.

Yup that's it.
Very simple right?

Truly this will be all you need.
 Nothing will drip or run down when get hit by a big splash of water.
It really truly won't streak down since I have tested this 3 times on Splash Mountain yesterday...
WHAT~ It was really hot yesterday and the Zippy Do Da song is very catchy~

It will stay from opening of the park at 9AM to when you get back to your hotel room or in my case back home.
You won't be needing to do touch ups at all.
Just enjoy your day and hang with you favorite Disney character.

Disney is to spend time with your families and have no worries.
Bring out your own inner Peter Pan or dance with your favorite Princess.

I hope Chingus you enjoy my advice~

Before I finish I shall leave you with some cute pictures I took yesterday~ Enjoy Chingus~!

(They already have Halloween decorations up)

Thursday, August 30, 2012


Yay~! It's My Birthday~!

Well not anymore since it has passed by but it is still my birthday month~!
My birthday was on August 12th~! 
And it was Disney Princess theme..... 
Don't look at me like that!
I like the theme and the decorations were all cute and pink~!
And plus look at that yummy cake~!

For my Birthday I just stood home and had my two besties come over.
We just laze around the house and being on tumblr XD
 After eating that yummy cake here's the presents I received~

This sign was originally on my TV when I first woke up and saw it. But I moved it to my drawers and now that's where it will permanently stay. 
My Mama and I gave each other these nicknames since I was a wittle~little baby.
I'm hers Baby Bear and she is my Mama Bear~! <3

Five pairs of shorts my Mama brought me aren't they cute~
My favorites are the lavender and leopard print ones <3

Cute hair supplies from my Mama too~!
I'm wearing the pink bow right now~ I love bows~ (_>^w^)>

Mama also brought me these big tongue sneakers. Seriously these sneaker's tongue is huge~! *o*

She told me she brought these while checking out since it only cost a dollar each.
But they are still pretty eyeshadows~!

The last items from my Mama was these TheBalm products.
On the site HauteLook, they were having a sale on TheBalm so I asked my mom can she buy these for me...
And well she obviously said yes *heehee* ;D 
Look in the mirror's and you can see some of my KPOP posters on my ceiling.
Can you name them?

My Daddy took me Ulta and let me pick out whatever I wanted.
But while I was looking around my Daddy was all fidgety and just stood by the front door. He looked so lost in the Wonderland of Ulta *HeeHee* XP

From my big brother I received these from him~
My big brother knows me so well but he is still a dorkhead 8P

My two besties gave me these Hello Kitty items since they know Hello Kitty was an obession of mine~!
They gave me a black HK scarf, neon blue HK tights, and that big egg-shaped plushie~!
 When I saw that big plushies I started jumping up and down all over the place. 
It's so cute and cuddley~!

This is the huge cute~ cute~ CUTE~ bag that all the Hello Kitty stuff came in~!
On each side there is a adorable picture of Hello Kitty <3

Now nobody actually brought me these because I won them in a contest by Teen Vogue.
I was so happy when I received a call and they told me I won~!
They arrived in the mail a couple days before my Birthday.
So in a way when you think about it this is a present from Teen Vogue {*w*}
Thank you Teen Vogue for this awesome present~!

And that's it so far~!
I actually still have some more presents that are still coming but I shall leave that for another blog post.

Thank you all for reading my blogs. To the 13 hunny-buns who subscribe to me and those who comment on my blog~ ~ ~
I love you~! <3 

Saturday, August 25, 2012

~Basic Make-Up Terms in Korean~

Here's a video about basic make-up terms in Korean~!
Thanks Talktomeinkorean team for putting up this video <(_^w^_)>

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Always & Tampax Always Radiant Collection


Girly's Weapons

Every female in this world has that one week of every month where we just curse at everything.
Or maybe that is just me.....

 I received this little sample bag filled of what I like to call 'The Female Warrior Weapons'.

The little purse was filled with one scented pad, 3 unscented daily liners, 2 unscented tampons.

OK first of I do not use any tampons in my life at all.
I don't like them but I do like to make them it to little rockets. Which is what my Mom and I did.
(My Mom is the coolest mom because she the one who showed me how to make them fly like a rocket)

Now there is not much to say about these pads just that you line them and let them protect you.
A truth about me is I have a heavy period.
 So the pad is very thin while it only held for me only 1 hour when I had to change and use my regular pad. 
I know some girl out there don't like talking about their period but to me it natural so why stress about.
Even though it's a pain but don't have shame to talk about it.

But I do have to admit the pads where really comfy and when I wore shorts or tight pants it didn't show any pads indents. 
The best part about this package was the cute bag~!
I've been using it to carry my regular pads. 
It is seriously perfect to carry them~!
I say that because you can take the little bag out of your purse and no one would know about you changing.
Like come on you know when you see a girl taking her whole bag and you know what she is planning to do. 
But with this it just looks like a little wristlet which it small enough not to grab attention and is big enough to carry your period needs.

Pros: Pads are comfy and don't show indents though tight pants. Bag is a perfect to use to hid your pads and go to the bathroom to change.
Cons: I don't like to use tampons they are just strange rockets to me.
Final Answer: I love the pads but they just don't protect my leakage like I like them too. If you have a light to moderate period then these pads will be perfect for you.

Product Information

There’s a new, stylish collection out in stores this season, designed to help girls stand out and keep their periods invisible. For the first time ever, Procter & Gamble’s leading feminine protection brands Tampax® and Always® have come together to premiere the all-new Radiant Collection, a complete offering of premium tampons, pads, liners and wipes that meets all of a woman’s feminine care needs. The new Collection stands out on shelves and features packaging and wrappers that compliment any girl’s unique style, making these products must-have accessories any time of the month.

Where to Buy

The Tampax & Always Radiant Collection is available at retailers nationwide.
Suggested retail price: Varies depending on product and product size.