Wednesday, October 24, 2012

G-Dragon "One Of A Kind" Inspired Look

Big Bang is truly my all time favorite group. I just love them~!
Even though it's been awhile since this song came out from G-Dragon, but I still think it's amazing MV. I love when he played with the bear he looked so cute~ <3~!

Now who doesn't want to be that barbie doll?
Never thought I be jealous of a doll >.>

But you can really tell this MV was a lot of fun to film and GD & Taeyang are really close to one another~.

To show my love for this video I wanted to do an make-up look. I was originally thinking of doing GD's make-up in the MV but I'm sure there will be hundreds of those on here. So I did what I do best~ Make it loud and out there kind of look. 
Hope you liked because I sure did~

(I Made That Hat Myself)

Did you like it?
Would any of you rock this out?
I already have ideas for BTOB "Wow" MV and also a TVXQ "Catch Me" but that one is a full masked look. 

Gongju Kimmy