Thursday, June 28, 2012

Infinite "The Chaser" MV Inspired Look

I've been in a Infinite craze mode for the past couple weeks since their new song, "The Chaser", came out. What I love the most about this MV is when they are dancing in this tribal room. They are such amazing dancers/singers and should be credit a lot more. <3 
Enjoy the look~


Sunday, June 24, 2012

TheBalm Is Giving Away Free Make-Up

Free Make-up is like a girls dream come true~!
And right now TheBalm is doing just that~!!!!
Everyday from Monday to Friday they are choosing one person from Twitter and one from Facebook to send them any one of their products!
To buy their products it would cost between $8 to $39.50 at your local Sephora or on their main online shop (
But the best part is YOU CHOOSE YOUR OWN PRIZE~!
You just either send them a tweet or post on their wall on which product of theirs do you wish to win.
Now remember it is a giveaway but there is no limit of how many tweets or post you can do but don't spam them either ok.

Now you all are wondering why I'm writing about this right?
Because I actually won!
I did both the tweet and post but I did this an hour before they announce the winner that day. 
I thought I was not going to winner but then when I check my twitter on my phone.... I won~~~!!!!!!!
I was jumping like a kid full of sugar on Christmas day. ((^o^)
Now the prize I won was this bad boy..... yes I just said that ;P

The Shady Lady Vol. 1 Palette. Retail price $39.50 but received for free!

Now I won earlier in the month and I wanted to make sure if this is all true before I tell you about all this. 
Because I really hate when people give others false hope. -.-
Now I did have some mishaps but the customer service (Thanks Eryn~!) are so kind and polite. 
They felt sorry enough to even ship my product by first class and was at my door step in 3 days!
Now it might not be a big deal to some but usually with regular shipping it will take at least a week coming from California to Florida but this package it came here fast!
Now the product's packaging was a simple yellow envelope but it was really safely wrapped in bubble wrapping.
The product it self had no damages what so ever and was in perfect conditions.
Now here is my new palette...

(Sorry for my computer table being a mess and using my make-up idea of GD card to cover the mirror since it's so huge!)

This palette is really amazing!
All the eye-shadows are full of pigments~!

(Closer look of the pretty~pretty shadows)

The palette keeps close by magnetics.
It even comes with a cover of the same design of the palette itself.
Which I like since I know it won't pop open while traveling.

This company is really awesome for doing an everyday giveaways~!
And if you do win tell them thank you~ Remember they are doing this outta kindness for all of us make-up lovers. <3

TheBalm cosmetics is a company based in California. 
If you can't wait to see if you win you buy from their main website,, or at your local Sephora store near you. 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

G-Dragon's 'Monster' MV Look

Here are some pictures of me having G-Dragon's 'Monster' look.
I want to know if you would like me to do a video showing how I did this make-up. 
Anywhoooiee here's the pics~ Enjoy~!

Eyes Open

Eyes Close

Right Eye

Left Eye

And now a monster picture~


I hope you enjoy my play time with make-up~! 
And tell me if you want me to do a video... but I still will one day~ ;3

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Katy Perry's Unknown Eyelashes?

Everyone and their Grandma should already know that Katy Perry came out with her own line of eyelashes. 
So far there is only four of them that everyone knows right?
But~! What I found are 2 new ones that I have yet to be seen even on the company's main website~!
Of all places I found them at CVS~! Yup you heard right the drugstore just around the corner where everyone lives.
(I'm sorry for the bad quality of photos. I used my dad's old cell phone since mine was in the car with also my camera. So I took them quickly because I didn't want to get yelled at the staff for taking pictures >.<)

This is the little side display they had hanging.
The price they cost at my local CVS at $7.99.
I have also seen them at Ulta for $6.99 and at Claire's for $8.50.
But~! They only have the four that are already known.

From Top to bottom: Sweetie Pie, Oh Honey!, Cool Kitty, and Oh My

Now what surprise me was there were two other type of eyelashes~! I even checked they main website of the company... Nothing~! They are not even known on the website~!

The orange box pair are called 'Pretty' and the green box pair are called 'Darling'.

The 'Pretty eyelashes remind me of porcelain dolly eyelashes. They have few long ones but in between many little poky ones.
While the 'Darling' eyelashes reminds me of the Japanese Diamond Eyelash with their full design.

I have yet to try them but they do seem of good quality. Plus the packaging looks so cu~cu~cuuuttee~!

Have anyone else seen these new eyelashes too?

Gongju Kimmy

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Unexpected Shopping~!

This is how I feel whenever I find make-up on sale~!
(or basically anything that I like in this world for a lower price ~heehee~...)
I love when I get that feeling knowing I spend my money more wisely.
(But I still spend too much money still even if it's on sale.... so really there's no difference ~heeheee~. Truly it is the greatness/power of being the baby girl of the family and also having the love of shopping~!)
Over a four day period I kinda went into a make-up coma where I only thought of make-up.
(Actually now I'm keep looking at Korean/Japanese make-up and making a list of what to buy in the future >.<)
 Now I didn't know that I would be buying all these at first but when I saw those sale stickers the puppy eyes came out full force~! 
FYI~Plain and simple~ I am spoiled but so is my older brother. He is into video games/boy items while I'm the baby girl or as my brother calls me 'Princess of the family' who loves anything cute/girly/pink. That's why my blog is 공주Kimmy/Gongju Kimmy. Gongju means Princess in Korean. Now you know some more info about me <((^o^)

Anyway let me stop babbling and show you what I got~ Off we goooo~ Weeee~

~DAY 1~
I went to the grand opening to the Ulta that was built close by just because they were giving free stuff away but I end up getting a few things also though. I love the workers there because they don't keep bothering you while you shop unless you ask. Plus they were so kind and all truly happy not a fake happy.

~This is what I brought the NYX The Crimson Amulet Collection inspired by the movie Dark Shadows palette, NYX Jumbo pencil in Milk, NYX Crystal Gold Glitter Liner, Essence Nail Polish in Sweet as Candy, and Essence Fancy False Eyelashes.~

~Here are the pretty eyeshadows from the palette~

~The Blush/Highlight, Lipgloss/Lipsticks, eye primers and eyeliner from the palette. Also with how to do the characters' looks in the movie.~

~These are the free items and the are really big for free samples. From Left to Right: Ulta Body Wash, Two eyeliners in 'Moss' (Which one was from my mom's free baggy but she doesn't wear eyeliner so she gave me hers), hairspray, and blowdryer hair mist. 

~DAY 2~
I went to CVS so my mom could scan some pictures to put on her facebook -.- She is in love with facebook I tell you~! But anywhooo~ I saw those stickers for 50% to 75% off and went coocoo for cotton candy XD!
You can bet when you see those stickers like in my mind it will keep saying "MUST BUY OR SOMEONE ELSE WILL TAKE IT FROM YOU~ DON'T LET THEM GET YOUR BABIES!" 

~This only cost me $29 and I saved $49 so it would have been over $78... yea I got a good deal don't you think~

~DAY 3~
The next I went to the Dollar Tree with my mom because she wanted to get a bucket for her mop. I just wonder around and I found the make-up section and I found these babies!

~This is ELF Studio Line except the foundation brush which would cost $3-$4 on their website which is not a big deal but everything was a $1 at the store. So I basically just took one of every ELF product they had~

~Up close of  ELF's Studio Cream Eyeshadows, I really like the silver one in the left bottom corner~

~Another up close but this time of ELF's Studio regular eyeshadows~

~I also got cu-cu-cuuute coloring books and two head bands and hair clips. I love pretty hairbands~!~

~DAY 4~
I went to Walmart just to get a new body wash(which smell like pink lemonade but sadly I didn't take a picture of it~ Kimmy sorry~ ;o;). I also picked these up since I also need a new make-up remover. I was going to get something else but I decided to try these since I keep seeing the commercials for this brand. 

~The cleansing one is to use as a make-up remover while the exfoliating is to get dead skins cells off. The reason I decided to get these because it suppose have vitamins in them good for the skin. The cleansing wipes are actually really good!~

~Nail Polish From The Four Days~
I forgot to put these with the proper buying days. Sorry~

~The 3 on the top left I got at the Dollar Tree, The pink one is from Ulta, and the blue is from CVS~

This was what I brought over a four day time period. 
So far I'm loving all my new items. I might do some reviews on the items. Is there any one you all want the most?
Oh~ Before I forget I plan to do a couple make-up tutorials. They are going to be base on SNSD, Big Bang, F(X), and Infinite~! Keep a look out for that~!

~Gongju Kimmy~

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sally Hansen Salon Effects


Stickers For Nails~?

I am in LOVE~! Can you feel the love tonight~~~! These nail stickers are amazing. No really they are. 
I'm a total nail polish fanatic to the point I have a shelf full of nail polish that is still growing. When I received this nail sticker at first I was really "Are these really going to stay on? This is a joke right? But at least it's sparkly glitter."

The truth is at first it was difficult to put them on with it keep failing about. After the third finger it became really easy to do. It's became a simple 1-2-3 step with these stickers afterwards.

 What is also great is that they do come in 8 different sizes from tiny itty pinkie nails to huge thumb nails. No matter what nails you have they should fit unless you have really big nails then.... um I don't know >.<

The package also came with a cuticle nail stick and a nail file/smoother. I also used the cuticle stick to press down the nail sticker into the edges better. 
While it says in the directions to use the nail filer to trim off the extra it's better to use a pair of small scissors. The nail file is not that handy and you can accidentally shave off more then what you wanted to.

Here is a nail sticker with a regular nail polish nail. It looks so shiny doesn't it~! Here's a tip for people who have short nails like me: You can actually use one nail sticker for 2 nails~!!! Yup you actually be able to have more usage then using them all at once. Now if you have long nail then 1 sticker per nail is the best way to go.
Another Tip: Put a top coat over to make it last longer. I'm already a week in and it has not chip or fade while the regular nail polish has already been chipping away.

Final Answer:
I want more, more and more... pretty please~! They live up to their name of being nail polish stickers. What's even better they come in different designs from flowers to lace. What ever you are into they will have it. This product is another love for my nail polish world~*sigh*~!

Information about Product

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips

Don't Get Stuck With a Sticker!

Nothing feels or wears like real nail polish. Now Sally makes it easy to get Salon Effects anytime, any place using real nail polish – with no dry time! Don’t settle for plastic imitations that peel off. We’re the real thing. Just peel, apply & file! Learn more at

  • No dry time
  • Lasts up to 10 days
  • Removes easily with nail polish remover
  • 40 must-have styles

Where to Buy

Available at chain drug stores, food stores and mass merchandisers nationally.
Suggested Retail Price: $9.99

Giveaway Entry~! For Airi's Blog


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sheer Cover Review

Sheer Cover Duo Concealer Is A Little Bit Handy
( I received this product complimentary to test through Influenster's VoxBox program)
(Sheer Cover Duo in Medium/Tan)

 What can I say about the Sheer Cover then anything but it's another concealer in this world. It has two different color tones to make your own skin color. I must admit it's not the best for the bigger jobs. But for some of the smaller ones it works perfectly.


 I have just a little bit of dark under eye circles nothing that I need to cover every day. Nothing too bad that I need to go co-co on. I do have my bad days when I don't have enough sleep and then they are really dark >.~.<

What I do like about using this concealer is that you can make you own color. Which can be annoying when your in a rush but it's fun on those lazy days playing make-up. It's a try and miss situation every time you apply. Which makes you waste even more concealer then intended to. But since it's summer here and knowing my skin I will get darker so it's very handy that I don't have to buy another concealer just for only 3 months of use.


It did cover my itty bitty dark under eyes but it took me 3 tries just to get to this color. Going back and forth between light to the darker one. Having too much or have to light kind of battle. Also you HAVE to put some powder to set it or it will crease very BADLY~!  

The package is sturdy and won't break if you toss it around in your purse. It is nice that it's clear so you can see the whole concealer color and don't have to guess what's in it. It won't take that much room since it's only a little bigger then a quarter.

Final Answer:

I won't be in a hurry to buy another. It's a love/hate relationship with this concealer. Love that you won't have to keep buying for a new concealer for summer or winter. Hate for it can waste product trying to get that perfect skin tone color of yours. I'll keep it in my bag and use it when I want to cover for the little jobs. 

Buy at or call 1-877-489-2035

Information About Product

Sheer Cover Duo Concealer

Sheer Cover® Concealer is perfect for all skin types and tones. Our concealer is a customer favorite offering a custom blend for the various shades on your face and covers up imperfections. It not only covers up the look of dark circles, blemishes, redness and age spots, it also moisturizes with Jojoba and Allantoin.

It instantly conceals blemishes, dark spots, hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone – we’ve got life’s little imperfections covered!

Instantly covers skin imperfections for a flawless, natural look
Variable coverage – sheer and creamy perfect for under eye circles or more opaque for blemishes, dark spots and hyperpigmentation
Easy application – glides on, won’t pull or tug at fragile skin
Enriched with natural, moisturizing Jojoba to help nourish and restore the skins’ natural moisture balance
Allantoin helps calm and soothe sensitive, irritated skin
Provides antioxidant protection from free-radical scavengers

Using fingertips, concealer brush or a cosmetic sponge dab a small amount of concealer on area to be covered. Blend well. Start sheer, adding layers to increase coverage. Wear alone, under or over makeup. Let dry before applying makeup.

$29.95 for the concealer (non-member price) and $29.95 for the introductory system, which also includes the Duo Concealer.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Dr. Scholl's For Her Ball of Foot Cushions Review

Purple Cushions makes your journey of heels more bearable.

I don't know why but every time I think of cushions for any shoe type only grandparents wear them. I know I know~ Very simple minded of me, Huh? So when I saw these that same thought came to my mind even if it was for heels. It's just that the packaging just doesn't scream "LOOK LOOK I'M MADE FOR YOUR 'GO-LOOK-FOR-BOYS' HEELS". It is cute with flowers but it still reminds that it's made for grandparents >.< Plus the cushions are in the color of a light purple.... I don't own any purple heels -.- But as the saying goes 'Don't judge a book by its cover' is very true in this case.

Once I went over the looks of this item, I took the two cushions out and that's when another problem rise for me. Now don't laugh but I couldn't figure out how to put them in the heels! So here I am with heel and cushion in hand changing which end to put in first. Finally the light bulb went off to try both ends and find which is more comfortable~!
Why yes I wore both and which one I found best was Number......


Now that I think about I should have either been more awake or I need to work on getting smarter somehow. ^_
Now what do they feel like on well let's see shall we...
They make you feel squishy~! Yup that's the best way to explain but a good squishy! These are peep toe heels and not once wearing these heels all day did my feet do a slip n' slide movement. Instead they stood comfortable and non-moving. As I just stated, I wore these heels ALL DAY! Never have I once done that in these heels but I made a new record! I would pack a pair of flats waiting for the moment to change shoes but not once did that came. As always you will feel some pain in heels but it was bearable. Not that 'No more walking unless you want to suffer for years to come pain.' More like 'I'm a paper cut pain that comes simply and goes simply.' 
Also they give your more stability with these cushions since you don't move. Which I am very thankful for since I'm not the most graceful person. 
 I did peel them off and put them in another pair of heels another day. It didn't leave any glue or gooey items behind. They are like stickers and you can change them into different shoes but as any sticker they lose their stickiness. Do be aware of that if you plan to keep changing them into different heels.

Final Answer:
Would buy more when I need them. I don't have a shelves of heels just a few but I do plan to buy another pair soon, for a pair of booties I have. Though packaging still reminds me of grandma but I must admit they are worth it. Just hope they could come in other colors especially pink~! 
(I did received this product complimentary for testing and review purposes from Influenster but are all my own thoughts in this review.)

Buy at your local drugstore or supermarket.

Dr. Scholl's website has a $2 off coupon
Here's the link:

Information about Product

Dr. Scholl's® For Her Ball of Foot Cushions

Created uniquely for women's shoes, the slim design of Dr. Scholl's® For Her Ball of Foot Cushions prevents your feet from sliding forward, so you avoid “toe scrunch”. Plus, they fit comfortably and discreetly in both open- and closed-toe shoes.

  • Helps prevent ball of foot pain
  • Immediate Massaging Gel comfort for the ball of your foot
  • Only ball of foot product made with unique FabuSTEP® gel
  • Prevents toe scrunch
  • Stays firmly in place
  • Removable without damage to your shoes
  • Discreetly fits all women's shoes
Available in: One size fits all
Designed to fit: All women's shoes

  • Made with FabuSTEP® gel to prevent feet from sliding forward
  • Gel waves cushion the sensitive ball-of-foot area
  • Massages your foot with every step
  • Small design prevents toe scrunch
     How to use:
  • Place on top of your current insole
  • No trimming required
  • Replace every 6 months or at first signs of wear