Thursday, August 30, 2012


Yay~! It's My Birthday~!

Well not anymore since it has passed by but it is still my birthday month~!
My birthday was on August 12th~! 
And it was Disney Princess theme..... 
Don't look at me like that!
I like the theme and the decorations were all cute and pink~!
And plus look at that yummy cake~!

For my Birthday I just stood home and had my two besties come over.
We just laze around the house and being on tumblr XD
 After eating that yummy cake here's the presents I received~

This sign was originally on my TV when I first woke up and saw it. But I moved it to my drawers and now that's where it will permanently stay. 
My Mama and I gave each other these nicknames since I was a wittle~little baby.
I'm hers Baby Bear and she is my Mama Bear~! <3

Five pairs of shorts my Mama brought me aren't they cute~
My favorites are the lavender and leopard print ones <3

Cute hair supplies from my Mama too~!
I'm wearing the pink bow right now~ I love bows~ (_>^w^)>

Mama also brought me these big tongue sneakers. Seriously these sneaker's tongue is huge~! *o*

She told me she brought these while checking out since it only cost a dollar each.
But they are still pretty eyeshadows~!

The last items from my Mama was these TheBalm products.
On the site HauteLook, they were having a sale on TheBalm so I asked my mom can she buy these for me...
And well she obviously said yes *heehee* ;D 
Look in the mirror's and you can see some of my KPOP posters on my ceiling.
Can you name them?

My Daddy took me Ulta and let me pick out whatever I wanted.
But while I was looking around my Daddy was all fidgety and just stood by the front door. He looked so lost in the Wonderland of Ulta *HeeHee* XP

From my big brother I received these from him~
My big brother knows me so well but he is still a dorkhead 8P

My two besties gave me these Hello Kitty items since they know Hello Kitty was an obession of mine~!
They gave me a black HK scarf, neon blue HK tights, and that big egg-shaped plushie~!
 When I saw that big plushies I started jumping up and down all over the place. 
It's so cute and cuddley~!

This is the huge cute~ cute~ CUTE~ bag that all the Hello Kitty stuff came in~!
On each side there is a adorable picture of Hello Kitty <3

Now nobody actually brought me these because I won them in a contest by Teen Vogue.
I was so happy when I received a call and they told me I won~!
They arrived in the mail a couple days before my Birthday.
So in a way when you think about it this is a present from Teen Vogue {*w*}
Thank you Teen Vogue for this awesome present~!

And that's it so far~!
I actually still have some more presents that are still coming but I shall leave that for another blog post.

Thank you all for reading my blogs. To the 13 hunny-buns who subscribe to me and those who comment on my blog~ ~ ~
I love you~! <3 

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